Instilling Passions for the Environment, One Gamer at a Time!



First we will build a portfolio of high-quality environmental games by contacting game designers around the world and signing licensing, production and distribution agreements paying standard royalties.

Based on these agreements, we will produce and distribute games with the aid of key allies around the world.  Production will be done by carefully selected low-cost printers that take care to use recycled materials. We will donate our games to end users through schools, summer camps, and environmental membership organizations.

To support our activities, we will solicit funds to support the production and distribution of games from green foundations, governments, and large corporations seeking to invest some their profits in environmental education.  We will seek to target particular games at particular types of organizations with specific philanthropic missions or public relations strategies.  We will ask them to sponsor donations of the best new environmental games so that environmental science teachers will always have plenty of exciting, interactive didactic materials to help them win the battle for their students hearts and minds, and parents will have a fun alternative to buying games of conquest and violence.

As a nonprofit, we will sell no games.  Individuals who wish to purchase our games will be referred to the website portal, where the games can be purchased directly and links to the publishers can be found.


Instilling Passions for the Environment, One Gamer at a Time!


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